Release Notes - Phoenix - Version 1.0.0-alpha - HTML format


  • [PHOENIX-6790] - Application need to be provided online and remove public urls and assign public role.
  • [PHOENIX-6991] - Not Proper valid button in adtax renewal screen at commissioner level
  • [PHOENIX-7018] - Not showing proper partial payment receipt details .
  • [PHOENIX-7097] - Change zonename to cityname in marriage registration certificate.

Change Request

  • [PHOENIX-6927] - marriagedate year missing in marriage registration and reissue report



  • [PHOENIX-5160] - REST API to get WaterChargesDetails by OwnerDetails
  • [PHOENIX-6830] - CSC Implementation for New Sewerage Tax Application
  • [PHOENIX-6932] - Sewerage Applications to be provided online

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