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  • [EGPGR-60] - Service request ID is being returned as null to the UI
  • [EGPGR-61] - Location enrichment does not populate location id in values for lat/lng
  • [EGPGR-70] - Capture complainant address for anonymous complaint creation in service request
  • [EGPGR-94] - Video preview while file upload


  • [EGPGR-117] - Risk: Projected and Actual velocity mismatch
  • [EGPGR-118] - Assumption: Everything that needs to be done for production go live has been identified and scoped
  • [EGPGR-119] - Dependencies: UI/SignOff is currently blocked by availability of APIs to be functional
  • [EGPGR-120] - Assumptions: We assume that Activiti workflow interface will be compatible with Newgen Workflow
  • [EGPGR-121] - Risk: Given lack of documentation and seeding cross module, each module with diverge in implementation


  • [EGPGR-51] - All of PGR functionality
  • [EGPGR-55] - Stories that need to be completed for demo readiness
  • [EGPGR-56] - Close a complaint raised by citizen or employee
  • [EGPGR-57] - All the indexing functionaliy related to a complaint
  • [EGPGR-58] - Notifications over email for complaints
  • [EGPGR-59] - All documentation and contract compatibility stories
  • [EGPGR-63] - All the PGR Reporting Stories
  • [EGPGR-77] - All functionality related to user interface of the application
  • [EGPGR-78] - All stories that will allow us to build a monitoring infrastructure in place
  • [EGPGR-79] - Stories that are a timeboxed effort to explore a problem and build clarity around what needs to be done
  • [EGPGR-80] - All stories that allow localization aspects to be handled for a module
  • [EGPGR-82] - All stories to allow for multi tenancy in a project


  • [EGPGR-69] - Change the fileStorePath,fileStorageMountPath in application properties of filestore from camel casing


  • [EGPGR-1] - As an employee I should be able to mark a complaint closed so that I can focus on the ones that remain open.
  • [EGPGR-3] - Spike - Error handling options available in Spring Kafka
  • [EGPGR-5] - As a user my newly created complaint should be indexed so that I can search my complaint later
  • [EGPGR-7] - As an employee I should be able to reassign my complaint to another employee in another department so that I can push stuff that doesn't concern me
  • [EGPGR-8] - As a complaint reporter I should get an email and sms whenever I create a new complaint so that I stay updated with the actions
  • [EGPGR-9] - As a complaint reporter I should get an update SMS whenever any updates happen on a complaint so that I stay updated on actions happening on complaint
  • [EGPGR-16] - As a user I should see my complaint escalated if no one addresses in stipulated addressal time so that it gets resolved quickly
  • [EGPGR-17] - Spike - Logging strategies for microservice components
  • [EGPGR-19] - As a system my conventions of contracts should be uniform across all services within PGR module
  • [EGPGR-21] - All my tables should capture created by and updated by so that we have some levelt of auditing on modification of data
  • [EGPGR-24] - As a user workflow should be closed for a complaint when closure has happened in one of the end states
  • [EGPGR-35] - As a user I should be able to see all the designations by a department so that I can select a assignee on the UI
  • [EGPGR-37] - Refactor SMS service Spring Kafka usage to make use of benefits provided by Spring Boot 1.5.1
  • [EGPGR-38] - Allow each service to own and configure their own data migrations
  • [EGPGR-39] - Spike - Add code coverage and static code analysis metrics to Localization service
  • [EGPGR-42] - Spike - HTTP contract testing using Spring Cloud Contract
  • [EGPGR-43] - Move services to new repository
  • [EGPGR-44] - Create service for localization of messages
  • [EGPGR-45] - Add mandatory field validation to create/update seva request in PGR http service
  • [EGPGR-47] - Standardise maven dependency versions (Spring Boot, Spring Kafka, Lombok) across projects
  • [EGPGR-48] - Spike Kafka production setup
  • [EGPGR-53] - Integrate UI with the existing complaint services
  • [EGPGR-54] - Show a proof of work to showcase how extensions of functionality would work
  • [EGPGR-68] - Modifying existing complainttype api contract to be compliant with open311
  • [EGPGR-75] - Update Complaint/M@S :Allow workflow to be updated
  • [EGPGR-76] - API to get workflow history by state
  • [EGPGR-83] - Remove boiler plate Spring Kafka consumer/producer configuration given Spring Boot 1.5.1 does this
  • [EGPGR-84] - [DEVOPS] Create a stage to deploy services to QA env
  • [EGPGR-85] - [DEVOPS] Add ability to override build stage in Jenkinsfile at service level
  • [EGPGR-87] - Spike kafka/zookeeper run on production
  • [EGPGR-88] - [DEVOPS] Automatic provisioning Kubernetes Cluster
  • [EGPGR-89] - [DEVOPS] Build Kubernetes cluster
  • [EGPGR-90] - [DEVOPS] Upgrade ci image to contain latest version of maven (3.3.9)
  • [EGPGR-92] - Integrate UI - GET Complaint
  • [EGPGR-95] - API - Fetch user by user id
  • [EGPGR-98] - CreateComplaint/UI : UI - Create complaint for logged-in user(citizen and employee)
  • [EGPGR-108] - API - Fetch city details by tenant id in boundary service
  • [EGPGR-109] - API - Modify fetch an assignee based on department and designation
  • [EGPGR-110] - API - Allow complaint to be updated by employee
  • [EGPGR-111] - API - Fetch nextStatus based on current status and logged in user in PGR Rest
  • [EGPGR-114] - Create an API in User Service to register a citizen user
  • [EGPGR-115] - API to retrieve all complaints filed by a citizen(Duplicate of Story#143)
  • [EGPGR-116] - Connect logs connector to aggregate logs on a shared disk/ftp server
  • [EGPGR-122] - Ensure that instead of Jedis factory we use RedisSentinelConfiguration


  • [EGPGR-91] - Integrate UI - Create Complaint
  • [EGPGR-93] - Integrate UI - Localization
  • [EGPGR-100] - Create Receiving Mode and Recieving Center API

Technical Debt

  • [EGPGR-71] - Confirm if we are using HTTP GET or all endpoints are only going to be POST


  • [EGPGR-195] - Employee enchrichment service changes to integrate Update Task API
  • [EGPGR-196] - REST API to get compalint by CRN number in employee-enrichment service
  • [EGPGR-200] - Endpoint to register user
  • [EGPGR-201] - OTP Validation prior to user creation
  • [EGPGR-202] - Skip validation based on optional validation flag

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