Release Notes - eGov-Pgr - Version 0.2 - HTML format


  • [EGPGR-124] - Issue: We aren't able to run the end to end cluster locally due to hardware constraints


  • [EGPGR-52] - Investigate if Hibernate will allow a global where clause by tenant id.


  • [EGPGR-4] - Search Complaint/M@S : As a user I should be able to search indexed complaint with multiple complaint fields so that I can search relevant complaints
  • [EGPGR-6] - As a user my complaint index should be updated when complaint gets updated so that changes reflect my searches
  • [EGPGR-13] - As a user I should be able to see the website interface in my local language so that I can make sense of the text on website
  • [EGPGR-23] - Redesign - Move PGR persist logic into PGR rest service
  • [EGPGR-36] - Manage multi tenancy across the module
  • [EGPGR-40] - Spike - Docker image security verification
  • [EGPGR-41] - Spike - Making our services idempotent
  • [EGPGR-49] - Spike - Service health checks
  • [EGPGR-50] - Add unit/integration tests and fix package structure for Boundary Service
  • [EGPGR-72] - Add tenant id column to all the migrations across services in PGR
  • [EGPGR-73] - As an employee I can belong to multiple tenants so that I can function to multiple ulbs
  • [EGPGR-74] - Run Elastic Search schema mapping using a migration tool
  • [EGPGR-86] - [DEVOPS] Spike - Provision infra using terraform on bare metal
  • [EGPGR-101] - Introduce an API gateway that will be the interface for the world for our microservices

Technical Debt

  • [EGPGR-104] - Add partition key when sending message to Kafka topic


  • [EGPGR-10] - As a complaint reporter my SMS should be in my local language so that I can make sense of the updates
  • [EGPGR-11] - As a complaint reporter I should get my email in local language so that I can make sense of the updates
  • [EGPGR-294] - Move PGR email and sms template logic to a separate consumer (pgr-notification)
  • [EGPGR-295] - Change pgr Indexer to listen to workflow updated topic
  • [EGPGR-296] - Move pgr persist logic into PGR rest project
  • [EGPGR-297] - Add pgr-notification service to qa & dev environment
  • [EGPGR-298] - Create Jenkins pipeline for pgr-notification service
  • [EGPGR-307] - Retrieve complainant name, email, phone from user info for SMS/Email notification when complaint is created by a logged in citizen
  • [EGPGR-308] - Move escalation date enrichment from PGR persist to employee enrichment service

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